European Urology Today: June/July 2023

We were welcomed by congress president Prof. Norio Nonomura and the Osaka University Hospital staff members, who were the organisers of the meeting. The meeting comprised three full days packed with parallel thematic sessions in 19 rooms, symposiums, workshops, and lectures. It was themed “Ever onward” which refers to the pursuit of new scientific knowledge, innovations and advances. The meeting had sub-themes as well: “first penguin” (the first penguin to jump into a rough sea to procure food for the young); “scrap and build” (destroy the old to build the new); and “cross innovation” (progress achieved by cross- sectoral and multidisciplinary efforts, and industry-academia-government collaboration, changing medical treatment).

JUA2023 was a unique meeting as it was the first annual JUA meeting in which all abstracts, posters, and presentation slides were in English. Thirty-two distinguished, international members presented at the meeting. Presentations at next year’s meeting will all be spoken in English. We had several highlights during the JUA2023 such as the opportunity to give presentations in the Scholarship Forum, Postgraduate lectures, “Robotics in pediatric urology” by Alessandro and “Thermochemotherapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer” by Kees. During the EAU representatives – JUA leadership meeting, we met Profs. Markus Kuczyk, Tomohiko Ichikawa (chair of the international committee), Yoshihiko Tomita (international committee and next year’s congress president), Nonomura (current congress president) and Eto (EAU section liaison, international committee, and JUA president). We both received a certificate and proof of participation in the EAU-JUA exchange. Many of the meetings were in conjunction with delicious food, and we were invited for three consecutive gatherings: “President’s Dinner”, “International Party”, and “JUA Night”. To conclude On 22 April, it was time to go home. These two weeks have been far more than knowledge sharing. We were able to enjoy a meticulously designed programme (thank you, Mrs. Yuki Tanaka, JUA secretariat). At every hospital we visited, we met very friendly dedicated staff who took care of us, and whom we were able to meet again as friends at the JUA meeting. The Japanese urologists taught us about their culture, and in our free time, we were able to go sight-seeing and explore their beautiful country. And yes, Prof. Eto, the Japanese people are very strict and disciplined which yields quality and excellence in their endeavours. If you are able to participate, we certainly recommend taking part in the EAU-JUA exchange!

EAU Talent Incubator Programme

11-13 January 2024, Innsbruck, Austria

Boost your management and soft skills. Become a more complete and empowered urologist.

Meeting congress president of this year’s JUA event, Prof. Nonomura

With Prof. Fujisawa and the Kobe staff members

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European Urology Today June/July 2023


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